At the last level of the University’s main building, there is a cafeteria that has been working since the inauguration of the headquarters, situated at the meeting point between the Siret and the Danube. The cafeteria offers fast-food services for students, teaching staff and other members of the danubian academic area. In a proper ambiance (enclosed space and terrace), students and professors socialize and communicate informally, setting the coordinates of a good integration in their future professions. The sober and elevated atmosphere of the ambiance, respected by those asking for food services, is a model for the decent frequenting of such places that stimulates interpersonal communication and promotes the spirit and the culture of the community.

A direct access bridge will connect the hotel building to the classrooms, thus facilitating mobility without mandatory exit through the campus yard.
The inauguration, estimated at the beginning of the university year 2014 – 2015 will be the right opportunity for the campus image to gain the necessary shape for quality higher education.