University Hostel


Within the Danubius campus, an ultramodern bulding has risen, that dominates the area's

commercial center. The students' residence hall, with executive service flat, catches the eye through

its slenderness and through the harmonious way in which it merges with the university's


Built according to the latest technical and architectural strictness, the residence hall also stands out

through its modern amenities, present in every room (furniture, decorations and communications)

which will facilitate, for its future tenants, the exploitation of the world wide web.

A direct walkway will link the residence hall with the classrooms, thus facilitating a freedom of

movement without mandatory exiting through the campus's courtyard.

The inauguration, estimated for the beginning of the academic year 2014 - 2015, will be a

welcomed positive change for the campus, as it will underline a quality and efficient higher-

education institution.