Institutional coordination and analysis structures

The committee on scientific research of the University's Senate- involved in the design and coordination of activities and of research findings and in the development and innovation at university level.

The Office for research management - involved in the administration of the system's resources, activities and results of research at university level- provides its functional support. The Office ensures the efficient management of research activities and functional coherence of the research structures within the university.

The Approval Committee of projects and research results- analyzes project nominations and harmonize initiatives and research directions at the level of the university, afterwards carrying out the approval and validation (together with the Ethics Committee) of the research results and authorizes the dissemination of these results by the rightful people (authors, team coordinators - as applicable).

Scientific research structures

The center of Research concerning the Socio-Economic Dynamics in Sustainable Development (SEDSD) which carries out multi- and trans-disciplinary studies, corroborated in the fields of Law, Economics, Computer Science, Communication and International Relations in the context of regional and global sustainable development.

The Danubian and Cross Border Cooperation Center (DCSCC), the research center that aims to become a center for promoting scientific and cultural values in the Danube area, for mobilization and integration of political and administrative efforts in the regional development and innovation, as well as in the cooperation with nations and communities located along the Danube river.

The "Vintilă Dongoroz" research center, which groups researchers from the field of Public and Private Law, engaged in studying the legal phenomenon correlated with the economic and financial-banking phenomena, as well as the phenomena related to the social evolution concerning the legal and regulatory issues, the interpersonal communication and international and geopolitical relations .