The Mission of International Cooperation Center is to develop and implement the strategy of internationalization of Danubius University, as well as promoting its international image as a forum for education, science and culture in Romania, in Europe and worldwide.

The activities promoted by the Centre have the following directions in development:

1. promoting and disseminating the good practices of the Danubius University at international level;

2. promoting the Danubius educational offer abroad;

3. increasing the volume of teacher mobility and foreign students by the Danubius University;

4. increasing the interest in opportunities for mobility for Danubius teachers and students;

5. logistical support for students and teachers accessing the Danubius mobility programs or those who wish to broaden their academic cooperation horizon and not only;

6. permanent logistical support for cultural adjustments in establishing the international contacts, at individual level;

7. permanent increase in the number of international partnerships (academic and otherwise) both at European and extra-European level;

8. providing pertinent and permanent information to the Danubius University management on the evolution and structure of the international environment in which the university operates and the opportunities for development and cooperation, at international level;

9. widening the presentation prospects of the educational offer of Danubius University, at international level;

10. the logistical support in pursuit of organizing the international events - conferences, workshops, seminars to disseminate the best practices;

11. representing the University to specific events on the university's activity in the international environment;

12. permanent support of personal involvement in the internal environment of the university (students, teaching and administrative staff) in the personal development of relations with established or potential international partners of the university.

Erasmus+ Policy Statement

Erasmus Charter for Higher Education 2014-2020


Vice-Rector of Foreign Affairs, Institutional Coordinator
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Specialist of Foreign Affairs

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