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"Danubius" University library, fundamental part of the academic offer, satisfies, through its ambiance and equipment, the need for knowledge and professional training of the future specialists of the national and European economy. With a collection of more than 40 000 volumes, made up of collections of scientific magazines and with unlimited access to databases and virtual libraries, our library is a precious aid for the future specialists in legal sciences, economy, international relations, administration and communication; the teaching staff also finds here the main source for the latest scientific information.

The library's offer is not limited to the existing specializations, the books and publications acquisition also has an encyclopedic purpose. Dictionaries, encyclopedias, history books as well as other general works are at the disposal of the members of the academic community in order to avoid training that is limited to the field of study. The openness of the training activity toward connected fields and toward general culture highlights the specialist's personality, whether he is a student or a member of the teaching staff. The 12 hour's daily programme is an essential part of the education activity in the academic offer.

Modernity has imposed an organization of the book collections that has a special focus on the latest acquisitions in each science field studied through the curriculum. The offer also contains the books of "Danubius" professors, the courses for each studied discipline, the main titles in each field, including an old book collection that has been donated; everything is accessible through the online informatics system, so that no question remains unanswered when a reader enters our library.



Director: Gabriela Gaman
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Bibliotecar: Nicolae Paun
Tel: +40.372.361.145

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